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"Night has fallen; the evening breezes hurry our ship toward a foreign shore.  But the ties that bind me to home fire my courage and strengthen my soul.  Should all things else perish--fleeting as a shooting star--O God, let not the ties break that bind me to the North."

Christian Hansen 1846

Welcome to Lost Sailor

Welcome to "Lost Sailor," a digital journey through the extraordinary story of the Rasmussen family and their connection to the SS Nordnorge. This website serves as a tribute to the courage, resilience, and sacrifice of those who navigated the tumultuous waters of World War II.


Explore Our Story

Dive into the rich history of the Rasmussen family, whose lives became intertwined with the fate of the SS Nordnorge amidst the chaos of war. Learn about Hilmar Rasmussen, the patriarch who sailed the seas, and Henrik Rasmussen, whose service in the Royal Norwegian Air Force took him far from home. Discover the steadfast strength of Bertha Rasmussen, who held the family together amidst the turmoil of wartime Bergen.

Discover the SS Nordnorge

Uncover the secrets of the SS Nordnorge, a vessel that sailed into history with tales of bravery and tragedy. Explore historical photographs, virtual tours, and firsthand accounts that bring the ship's story to life. Delve into its final voyage and the events that led to its untimely demise.

Journey Through Time

Step back in time with our interactive timeline, tracing the key moments of the Rasmussen family's journey and the historical backdrop of World War II. Follow the twists and turns of fate as they unfold against the backdrop of global conflict and personal resilience.

Engage With History

Engage with primary sources like never before as you explore the court records and transcripts from the aftermath of the SS Nordnorge's sinking. Gain insight into the legal proceedings and the firsthand testimonies that shed light on this tragic chapter of maritime history.

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